Friday, March 18, 2011

When Someone you love is with someone else... Part 2

I understand that you are with someone else. Yeah I want you to be happy but FUCK THAT! They aren’t me! How the fuck you gonna ruin what we had by bringing somebody else into the picture. I feel like you cheated on me and we weren’t even together! I’m really happy for you though but man all that aside I’m pissed! I’m sitting back thinking how could you it’s like I put in all the work and I got nothing for it. I mean… who was there with you through whatever? We laughed together, we cried together, I’m pretty sure you shared with me more than you shared with any other individual as a whole and now what? This is it? Am I just supposed to sit here and be happy because you’re with someone? You’re happy that doesn’t make me happy instantaneously… I still feel salty about that. I felt comfortable with you, you’re my “Ace in the hole” whenever I felt like everybody was the same… you prove they were different. Then you’re just gone like that. Did I just lose my bestfriend? Now what do I do, I can’t be happy over something like that. You do your thing. You must not understand how much I love you if you can’t see the reason behind my madness. You know how that felt, you know how I feel everyday… knowing that you are happy with someone and I’m alone without even you to talk to like I used to. I’m jealous. I’m torn apart. I feel betrayed. I’ll live though. And yeah… I want you to be happy but I’m not happy. Just let it be, you disappoint me but I guess it be like that sometimes. Enjoy.

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