Friday, March 25, 2011

Jupiter & Butterflies

I got a secret! Today I got a new puppy... I named him Jupiter. My mom doesn't want him so I have to keep him in my room. He's very quiet and calm and small. I think he's a Dachshund. My mother likes to ruin everything if she's not happy, like she's a queen of all things or something. Newsflash Queens look out for the well being of their people... not act like a diva. ANYWAYS... here's some pictures of Jupiter.

Ok so I am so elated today. I have a puppy. I switched my major. I got rid of this stressful classes. And the Young God wrote me a song to the beat that I've been listening to for days. It's so dope, I had to blush but well done sir. He knows me too well. That's a lovely thing. I'd been harassing him for the longest about a song and now he's made one! I was ecstatic... Thank God things lined up in my life today. Today I not only feel content, I feel happy. HAHA but I also feel anxious because I don't want to crush Jupiter nor step in his dog poop nor have him fall off the bed! He's sleeping like a baby, I'm about to sleep too. :)

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