Saturday, August 6, 2011

Women Problems

Just a heads up to any guy who may come across this I don't want  to hear your "females do the same thing" spill. Females are not any issue to me because I'm not interested in them. So guys seem as if they love to talk down to women. It's been done to me by ALL kinds of guys plenty of times, I'm talking family, teachers, friends, boyfriends, bosses... seriously.  It pisses me off, because I really feel like there's nothing I can do. They talk down, don't see anything wrong EVEN WHEN YOU POINT IT OUT and then it just makes you feel even madder when you try to explain your reasons for being offended. It's like arguing with an idiot, you get mad because you look like the person in the wrong, when it's supposed to be vice versa.
   Things are never easy for women. I once got into an argument and the guy told me that women's rights has come very far and that women can do almost anything a man can do. I guess he thought that was his justification. In my head I was just repeating "Let it go, he doesn't understand, he's just a man." I was trying to calm myself down (after a couple of arguments with someone you get a feel for how any other arguments will go) I wanted to just like delete the situation. How can you share your mind with someone if they're not willing to listen?
   If your boobs aren't bursting out of your bra or your cheeks aren't hanging out your shorts then guys don't see you and we already know they're not listening to you. It... annoys the hell out of me when a guy always pays attention to girls like that, but then they say they aren't looking for that type of girl to marry. Seriously? Make up your minds! I think it'd be better if you acted like the man a typical woman like the one you mentally fabricated would go for instead of thinking you're just this fuck up that women want to "fix." Not all women want to "fix" a man, some want, basically what any practical person wants in a relationship, someone worth building with. Try to find people with the same mindset at you at least for the time being if you want to have fun, find someone like that, if you want to be serious look for people like that and if your mindset changes and theirs doesn't then it's just fight or flight. Please keep that in mind...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Troubleshooting: How to Unfollow

Ok now I swear this was a fucking headache in a can but I finally found a way to get rid of all these dormant blogs I was following. I thought it would be easy, there was a button beneath the reading list that said "Manage" took me to a page where I thought I could easy unfollow/unsubscribe to these blogs. WRONG. I clicked "stop following this blog" and nothing happened. Ummm ok something's not doing it's job right. So of course I googled "I can't unfollow a blog on blogger!" and some forums popped. I would say the only thing helpful about the forums were that I got a chance to see that  I wasn't dumb as a doorknob because other people where having the same problem as me exactly. Every detail. So I had to figure out a way myself. I had to log in log out. Nothing was working. I was getting irritated. THEN I figured out how to unfollow/unsubscribe and I had to write this down so I wouldn't forget it in the near future. I went to manage blogs I'm following (that's a given) and then I clicked "Settings" next to the blog I wanted to unfollow/unsubscribe. After that (since I had unfollowed it plenty of times before but it didn't work) I followed the blog. After I followed the blog I clicked "Settings" again and this time I went to "Stop following this blog" (that's a given) and this time it worked. I only had to follow the blog (or one of the blogs you were trying to unfollow if it was more than one) once then I could unfollow the other ones the usual way. Maybe I can makes some easier steps. Hope this helps anyone else who comes across it.
Step by Step: (after you're on the "Blogs I'm Following" screen)

  1. Click "Settings" next to the blog you want to unfollow.
  2. When the window pops up, follow the blog.
  3. Repeat step 1, this time click "Stop following this blog"
  4. Now the blog should be unfollowed and off of you reading list. If they is more than one blog you want to unfollow, repeat step 3 with those.
Woo, now I have to remember this haha.