Thursday, November 24, 2011

eyes wide shut.

fuck this artificial light... I feel like I'm in an incubator waiting to hatch into a better reality. It's just blaring down on me, my eyes get blurry as if I'm supposed to be nocturnal or something. Pitiful. I guess I spend too much of my "spare time" with my eyes closed trying to live in a dream where I can make shit happen... because I sure can't make it happen in real life.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I wanna dive.

So recently I've built up and incredible urge to go diving. Yeah I know, middle of autumn, the Great Plains... how and why would I have built up the urge to dive and if I could where would I even go to dive? Well anybody who knows me should know that I love almost all things aquatic. I saw a flyer at school for discount scuba lessons and discovered DiVentures. Now I don't have the money nor time right now but I'm at least aware of it. I AM TOTALLY GONNA TRY IT. Ultimately I want to go diving in Austria's Green Lake which is dry land for half of the year and underwater for the other have. I'm kind of excited in advance now.