Monday, February 28, 2011

This Weekend: Roughly Insane.

I'd be nice if the better days were soon to come.  I know everybody has problems but when will it get better. I've been going through some things. I just want to be able to work hard and see that shit pay off. So I've been trying to get a job, networking with people, keeping my grades up in class... I'm making constant efforts to get some progress but nothing.  It's like I'm coming up short. Like I'm not putting enough work in but I'm trying my hardest. I guess I have to try more than my hardest... I'm not going to explain the situation in detail but long story short. I was homeless and I was almost killed (slight exaggeration I just was almost hurt critically).

Aside from all of that I realized some things. Some things such as the ones who are really my friends are. The friends who worry about you when they don't hear from you like they're accustomed to. Those friends who offer you things like help and support when they have barely anything to give/spare. Those friends who take time out of the day to think about you or thank you for something you did previously. Those friends were there.

Something else that I had to realize over this weekend was how many people I have to get rid of. I was already in the process of ridding my life from the Unworthies but now I have some more to add to that list. Just because you don't talk to some friends you used to doesn't mean that you should get rid  of them... timing is everything and maybe it just isn't the right time for them but some other friends HAVE TO GO! I have this friend who calls on my randomly like I'm supposed to be waiting for their call all day, then  they bore me with all this superfluous nonsense for hours and then they get mad at me when I speak my mind. I'm not holding my tongue for anyone and if you want to waste my time I will not waste mine pretending like you've said something that matters. Before I break into a rampage I will wait for a last straw.... or a hint of change, if I don't see change... dismissed.

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