Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bulls Won Tonight.

I'm a Bulls fan of course. Only makes sense because I'm from Chicago. So I thought I'd celebrate haha. They played the Heats and won 93 to 80 something... don't know. don't care. I think it was 89 though so good game. I won't give you all the highlights because I'm not a sports announcer. But that kind of made my day today because they lost the last game versus Toronto I think... smh. They need to bounce back! Plus, the Heats need to stop thinking they are the freaking Justice League of something like that. They are not undefeatable. Oh and just a side note from this post... my other favorite teams are the Orlando Magics and the Los Angeles Lakers. I like other teams but the Bulls, Magic and Lakers are my top 3 in that order. The Bulls are definitely going to the playoffs, this is their season!

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