Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Life as of 10.2.11

It is now the second day of October and my mind is running rampant with complete chaos. I cannot focus on one thing at a time, I'm a natural multitasker but still I'm hopping to the next thought before I even finish the first one.  I have to keep making lists to keep my mind straight, but then I just end up with a list of lists. Things get even more complex by the minute. I must update more.
   I've been having a down week I think. My mood has been off (and no its not some freaky PMS shit. Don't even.) Last weekend my bestest friend (don't judge me) came to visit, of course it was for a funeral but that's besides the point. The little time we did have together was cool. Dukes called him for a wake but it's understandable. I had a life for once that weekend. This weekend though... horrendous. I almost began to hate driving. People here don't know what turning signals are, I swear they give anybody a license in this town because when I got mine I was overly prepared. Driving on these roads made me never want to drive again! I'm glad my insurance company didn't see those roads because they would be trying to up my price as a liability. NO sir.
   My good friend Talisha had a house warming party that I didn't get to make it to but I still got in touch with her and told her I would have to visit her soon. She's doing great for herself, in my opinion. Good job, nice home (from what I heard) and she's in school now. That sounds like success to me. I only got one out of the three and I know I'm "still young" but I just want to be prepared so that I can live my life while I'm still young and not worry worry worry and then live when I'm too old to be doing some things... like streaking or partying with college kids at spring break when I'm old enough to be one of their mothers haha. I just wanna be ready to live when life presents those opportunities.

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