Friday, May 27, 2011

There are no handouts in the free world and certainly none in my house.

It's a sad day yo... Bulls and fucking Thunder lost the same fucking way in the finals. Done with basketball season.  Hmph! On top of that I feel like... I don't know it's that kind of feeling where you feel low and you don't know why, yeah. Plus my Brown Sugar DVD doesn't work anymore BUMMED! Now I'm sitting here cleaning my room to keep my idle hands busy and watching Higher Learning instead. I'll live though oh well. I get over things quick by putting them out of my mind.
My brother graduated yesterday. I don't really have any pictures but this one... Not that it matters too much. HE MADE IT. That's the most important part.
Here's a picture of me from before graduation (I realized I really haven't posted a picture of myself)
After that I went to the movies with one of my bestfriends for that midnight showing of Hangover Part 2. That was fun, the movie was nice. His little brother graduated to so congrats to all the 2011 graduates. Tonight is just cleaning and watching movies even though it's like 230 in the morning. Organizing my mini library and I realize... I need more books. That is all, feed my addiction!!! Goodnight.


  1. Congrats to your brother and I loved Hangover 2 with the exception of some scenes.....

  2. Thank you! :D And yeah some of the scenes were... like okayyyyy.