Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Can Tell When A Guy Likes Me...

and it’s annoying as fuck seeing that I just want to chill and have no ties, nothing to weigh me down, nobody to check in with and all the positive shit about being single. But guys try to cuff? They claim you all the time and my [insert pet name guy gave you] I’m just like dude… calm the fuck down. Also every conversation that is held between you and him he wants to ask you “When are you gonna be my boo/baby/girlfriend?” I’m just like dude… chill. When I wanted a boyfriend you were nowhere to be found now that I’m good you’re all on my bumper. I understand that I asked for honesty and that includes voicing your thoughts if you like me but just because you do that doesn’t mean that I will instantly become your girlfriend. When guys like me it’s annoying as fuck, they never give me space, always asking awkward questions, always being nosy, and always claiming me or trying to force me to do things. Can you fools go harass some simple minded chick because Dodi don’t play that. Annoy fucks!

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